Professional Walk-In Cooler For Your Business

Whether you are a professional in the agribusiness, or in the medicinal industry or cosmetics, you might want to choose a Walk-In Cooler For Your Business. Ensuring good cooling conditions in these areas is topic to strict regulations; facilities must then be rigorous and efficient.

The level running of your business depends on the quality of your refrigeration system. Rescue Refrigeration supports you in achieving your goals, we offer our expertise in the installation and repair of commercial refrigeration systems. Our experienced technicians are able to advise you in the development of the ideal walk-in cooler for your company, business or industry.

First, What It Looks Like?

A walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer is a room specially equipped for storage and protective food for long periods at low temperatures. The products are usually found in cold rooms are items such as meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy items.

walk in cooler repair


A detailed study of your needs allow us to offer a quality service tailored to your requirements. We will advise you on how to implement to design an effective refrigeration system for your need for storage, and energy efficient in meeting regulatory obligations.

Custom made to suit your specific needs, Rescue Refrigeration installs different types of walk-in cooler & freezer of all types and sizes. Small walk-in cooler for restaurants, large walk-in freezer for supermarkets and industrial refrigeration warehouse, we are able to meet all your commercial refrigeration needs.

walk in cooler door repair

We offer commercial refrigeration services to the following customers: Restaurants, Commercial kitchens, Cafeterias, Butchers, Wholesale supply, Food companies, Warehouses, Markets, Supermarkets, Hotels, And many others

Why Choose Us?

We offers storage materials easy to clean. They will be perfectly sealed with quality door seals. Compressors with a power adapted to ensure their use have condensation temperatures and evaporation correct to avoid wastage. Rescue Refrigeration offers effective and sustainable walk-in cooler. Our technicians will be at your service at any time to explain the details of the operation and maintenance of your commercial refrigeration systems.

You are in Rocklin, CA for more information about installation, maintenance or walk-in cooler repair, commercial or industrial, Contact Us Now

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